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                      NEUMO Special Alloys


                      While 316L / 1.4404 will hold for most applications, some factors such as high chloride media, acidic
                      pH levels, high temperature, time of contact, and equipment design can affect the corrosion of stainless
                      With this in mind, the NEUMO Ehrenberg Group offers a wide range of special alloys.
                      From 316L / 1.4404 and 1.4435 to 904L / 1.4539, AL-6XN® / 1.4529 and Hastelloy C22® /
                      Alloy C22 / 2.4602 as well as Alloy 59 / 2.4605.
                      These alloys are commonly used in the biotech, pharmaceutical, personal care, home care, food, dairy,
                      and beverage industries worldwide. The main concerns of end users, architects and engineers (A&E’s)
                      when choosing a special alloy are microbial contamination, system reengineering, maintenance
                      downturns, production loss and safety of its employees and the environment.

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